Xiaomi 108MP Camera Leaked On Internet | Samsung 108MP Sensor

Xiaomi 108MP Camera Leaked On Internet | Samsung 108MP Sensor

At this time, many smartphones are coming with a 64MP camera and 48MP camera. Recently Redmi Note 8 Pro and Realme 5 Pro have come with 64MP camera. Now Xiaomi is planning to launch 108MP camera.

As you know that Xiaomi is the largest brand in the world, most of the users are using a Xiaomi smartphone. In fact, this 108MP camera is unreliable and some specifications have been leaked in the market.

In low light conditions, Xiaomi 108MP camera clicks good quality photos. This image sensor is developed by Samsung and is named Samsung ISOCL Bright HMX. And this smartphone is spotted while digging into MIUI’s Mi Gallery app.

The Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor is a very powerful image sensor. Xiaomi has teased this sensor on the Internet and a new upcoming smartphone will come with this camera sensor.

Now as you know, Xiaomi is booming in the smartphone market. Samsung and Sony image sensors are used in every Xiaomi smartphone. Recently Redmi Note 7 Pro 48MP camera has come with Sony IMX856 image sensor.

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