Snapdragon Budget Series 5G Processor| Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990

Snapdragon 8, 7, & 6 Series 5G Processor| Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990

Qualcomm is also smart, it is 5G time. Yesterday Huawei launched its new processor kirin 990 and this processor is compatible with 5G. As you know, Qualcomm has also launched its 5G processor Snapdragon 855 Plus. Both processors compete with each other, with Qualcomm being better than Kirin 990 at times and Kirin 990 at times.


Qualcomm has covered most of the Asian market in the world, every budget and premium smartphone has a Qualcomm processor.

So recently Qualcomm plans to launch its new processor and it is compatible with 5G technology. 5G technology is also coming in 8, 7 and 6 series processors. Now Qualcomm is targeting budget range smartphones as most of the budget smartphones are being sold in the market.

Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990 5G Processor

All these processors will come on the market in 2020, Qualcomm has announced this processor series at IFA 2019. So guys 2020, you have to look at the smartphones that will come with the 5G technology budget range processor. Samsung, Realme, Oppo & Vivo will come with 5G technology processor.

Qualcomm has showcased its X55 modem at MWC and this modem supports 5G technology. The X55 modem is very advanced and reliable.

Samsung has announced its Exynos 980 5G processor, which as you know Samsung makes its own chip. But this SoC is a premium based smartphone and Samsung is still working on the budget 5G processor.

Now this time, Kirin 990 vs Snapdragon 855 Processor are fighting with each other both of the SOC are worked in 5G technology. Now let’s check their specification.

Huawei Kirin 990 5G SOC launched | Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990 5G


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