Huawei Tease New SOC Kirin 990|Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990| Specification

Kirin 990 Processor Specification

As you know Huawei is the largest brand in the world after Samsung and Apple. Huawei is the best selling smartphone in the market. Recently Huawei will launch its new processor and its name is Kirin 990.

The Kirin 990 is the most powerful chipset developed in 7nm technology and is built by TSMC. It will be launched at the September 6 IFA 2019, in which Huawei will leak its teaser on YouTube and the Kirin 990 chipset will come with 5G support. Only Honor and Huawei smartphones will use this processor, now Huawei wants to launch its new smartphone with Kirin 990 processor.

This processor is 20% faster than the Kirin 980 processor, it has more transistors than the Kirin 980. It is well optimized and increases power efficiency, this chipset supports 4K video recording at 60fps.

Snapdragon 855 vs Kirin 990 5G Processor

Do you understand what NPU means?

NPU means neural processing unit. This technology is used for advanced chipsets and AI, the Kirin 990 has a dual dedicated NPU engine. It is very fast and learns on its own. It is very advanced and comes with new technology in the market.

The Kirin 990 CPU directly competes with the Snapdragon 855 as the Snapdragon 855 also supports 5G technology. If Huawei launches 5G technology before 2019, it will come at number one for 5G.

In today’s market, no one has 5G technology in their smartphone, so friends, if you are waiting for this SOC then leave your comment in the comment box. ¬†¬†


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