Camscanner Removed From Play Store | 100Million User Download

Camscanner Removed From Play Store | 100Million User Download

On the Internet, the Camscanner app is very popular. But 2 days ago Google removed this app in Play Store. Google has detected malware in this app which is very harmful to us.

If you do not know about Camscanners then read this article. It was available on the Google Play store and works to convert and scan your photos into PDF.

This application was downloaded by 100 million people. And in today’s world who are using the internet, your data is not secure.

And this malware was detected by Kaspersky Antivirus and then reported to Google.

Therefore, data is most important to us at this time. So do not install any untrusted application from play store and internet. As you know about ransomware, it was a malicious software or malware, designed to deny access to computer systems. When you do not give them money, they do not allow you to use your computer. Therefore this malicious software was very dangerous.

Camscanner Removed From Play Store | 100Million User Download

And in India, many users are making online payments and using net banking, so these types of apps are very dangerous for us. Camscanner app is affected by the Trojan-Dropper module. The second malicious module in Camscanner was extracted and executed and this file was encrypted.

Even after removing this app from the play store, you can download it as cam scanner HD. But we can suggest you use a reliable application. If you buy a licensed version it is good, save your data.


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