About Us

Hello Guys

This website is based on technology. All the things in this website will be explained well and this website will keep you updated from time to time.Well I have a YouTube channel too, you can subscribe to it also by visiting it because you will also get updates there every day.

This blog website I have created for you people that we can learn Hindi and understand Hindi only, so that we can all be easy to understand.

If you like my blog, it must definitely do its community because inside each article, you will look a bit different.

About Me

My name is Harkesh Giri Goswami and I am purshing BCA from Dehradun and it is my final year.I have a lot of interest in technology, whenever I get a new gadgets or any new technology comes I am very desperate to know it.I’m proud that I am an Indian and I am explaining to you in my own language(hindi). It gives me pleasure from inside. Thank you very much for coming to my blog and my website.